Discussion in ' Trucks [ Eighteen Wheelers ] ' started by gtilogisticsJan 18, Each company we work with has specific experience requirements for their drivers. In order for you to receive the best possible offers, please make sure your answers above are accurate prior to submitting. Log in or Sign up. Find Trucking Jobs. Jan 18, 1. Hey guys I got a dd15 that's leaking from the crankcase breather and about two weeks ago I saw the coolant in the reservoir turned dark close to black I flushed it myself but put green coolant in there.

dd15 coolant reservoir

Now again there is oil in the reservoir, dip stick is clean no overheating. My questions are, is it turning black because of the green coolant? Is the crankcase breather going to be replaced or do I have an oil cooler problem?

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Coolant in Oil

Jan 18, 3. It's definitely oil, a mobile guy said I need a oil cooler and crankcase breather now I donno if that's the same as egr cooler because the egr cooler is 5x the price of the oil coller. Jan 18, 4. Jan 18, 5. An 09 cascadia 08 engine. Feb 3, 6. Have the same problem took it to the shop almost to fix it. Feb 3, 7. Feb 3, 8. I just had the gaskets changed on my oil cooling module, but it was just an external leak.Nope not impossible at all!

So if your truck is not equipped with a fuel heater its likely a cup issue or a cracked head! It is a tad unusual to have your condition however Very possible! Chances are there is fuel in the coolant as well. PLUS, if coolant is in the fuel chances are the injectors may have gotten a steady diet of coolant, possibly damaging the injector internals. It may not show up now but it will in the future.

For what is worth, had this exact same problem on a Detroit series Red coolant coming out of the fuel water separator. New cups and injectors was the cure. For the 5EK and up and C's use the green cat loctite. The Series 60's use a large o-ring that you install in the injector bore on top of the sleeve then install the injector.

The injector pushes. I have seen old Cummins push coolant mixed with fuel past the radiator cap after parking. Thanks a lot gentlemen. The E cat I drove had injector cups fail and filled the coolant system with fuel. Had to drive miles with fuel leaking slowly out of the over flow tank to get to the nearest shop that could make the repairs. When the engine is running The fuel pressure is grater than the water pressure and the fuel is pushed past the cups into the coolant passage.

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dd15 coolant reservoir

Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead. Clear editor.Oil may be above recommended level as well. Pressurize the cooling system. Does the system hold pressure? Yes, the system holds pressure; Go to step 7. No; the system leaks down; Go to step 2.

Remove the oil pan. Where is coolant leaking from? Between the piston and liner; Go to step 3. Between the liner and block; Go to step 4. From the gear train or an oil return passage; Go to step 5.

No coolant leaks are found present; Go to step 7. Remove the cylinder head and inspect for a failed cylinder kit. Was a failed cylinder kit found?

Yes; replace lower end bearing kit, make necessary repairs, flush cooling system, and change engine oil. No; Go to step 4. Remove the cylinder liner where the leak was found. Was damage found? No; Go to step 7. Pressure test the Oil Cooler. Were leaks found? Yes, leaks are found. Replace lower end bearing kit, make necessary repairs, flush cooling system, and change engine oil. No, leaks are not found; Go to step 6. Remove the cylinder head and inspect the cylinder head gasket for torn or debonded grommets.

If damage is found, replace lower end bearing kit, make necessary repairs, flush cooling system, and change engine oil. If no damage is found, Go to step 7.

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Leaking EGR Cooler on DD15 Engine.

Threaded Mode Linear Mode. Post: 1. I have a Cascadia with a dd15, driver has to add a gal of antifreeze every miles. When it started I assumed it was my egr cooler as it's went out before. Truck runs fine, doesn't over heat.

I dropped the pan to change the oil plug incert and there was no evidence or water in the oil. I can't say if it using oil as the incert would drip out about a half gal a week. Normally it doesn't use oil really. I pressure tested the coolant system with pan off and didn't see any coolant. It held pressure well for a about 30min or so as I removed it. I can't tell if the loss of coolant was because of a loose clamp as I tightened all the hoses.

Today I took off the mixer pipe and the elbow that goes from the egr valve to the cooler and didn't see any evidence of coolant burning. The truck starts super easy. Normal oil pressure. It's not building excess pressure in the coolant system When you take cap off overflow it looks more like soot than oil and its sticking to the tank. It's not milky just dirty black whatever.

You see some floating on top of the antifreeze but I can't tell if it's oil, diesel or what because it's so thin. Looks almost rainbow like swirl with a black outline. Also I checked the trans cooler and there is no antifreeze in it. Return to Top find. Post: 2.

DD15 oil leak and in reservoir

Probably the oil cooler. They are known to have o-rings that get brittle. The oil can get into the antifreeze or vice versa.Our engineers re-examined, then re-designed many features of the DD15 to reach this level of performance.

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dd15 coolant reservoir

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dd15 coolant reservoir

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