Page of 9 Go. Table of Contents. Rii Mini-[2. Show quick links. Hide Hide permanently. Related Manuals for Riitek Rii Mini-[2. Summary of Contents for Riitek Rii Mini-[2. Page 2 Riitek. All rights reserved. All other trademarks are the properly of their respective owners. Riitek assumes no responsibility for any errors that may appear in any manual or on the website. Information contained herein is Battery:Thereis a lithium-ion rechargeable battery in this device. When you want to use it,please park your car Page 4: Features Medcal implant devices Interference All wireless devices may be subject to interference, thus affecting the performance of this product.

Accissories Only use factory specified parts. Please use supplied travel charging cable. The use of other charging devices may be dangerous. Do not point the laser beam on human or animal eyes directly to avoid damage to the eye Overview This is a wonderful combo,2. Page 6: Connecting Receiver Connecting the receiver. Slide the receiver out from the side of keyboard, and insert to the devices with a stadard USB interface.

gravitti air mouse manual

Once connected, slide the power switch to the "ON" position located on the left side of the unit to establish the connection. Enable the backlight Optional Once the keyboard has established a connection to the receiver, the backlight keys will Page 8: Troubleshooting Troubleshooting Below are some basic troubleshooting scenarios for the device. Please contact support from the place of purchase if you are unable to resolve any issues with device Possible issue Solution Problem 1. Charge the device for at 1.

Low battery power Unit does not 2. Page 9 1. Contact your local dealer for replacement 1. Defective battery The unit does not 2. Verify if the device is 2. Check connection charge securely connected to the charger. This manual is also suitable for: Rii mini.Most useful pages: More Troubleshooting Connecting the receiver Auto sleep and wake feature Product overview Charging the battery. Page of 11 Go. Table of Contents. Mini Wireless. Show quick links. Hide Hide permanently. Battery: There is a lithium-ion rechargeable battery in this device.

Wireless devices may interfere with implanted cardiac pacemakers, hearing aids and other medical implant devices. Interference All wireless devices may be subject to interference, thus affecting the performance of this product. You can use it for emails, chat, or to enjoy your favorite games. It also supports Xbox and Sony Playstation3. Page 6: Product Overview Introduction Product overview Page 7: Connecting The Receiver Touchpad This touchpad support the function of the mouse scroll wheel.

When you press the Fn button and your fingers touch anywhere in the sliding region, it simulate mouse scroll wheel function. Page 8: Charging The Battery Charging the battery The device have replaceable lithium-ion battery, please use only approved data lines and chargers. Note: Fully charge the unit before operating for the first time. This device can be used when charging, but will extend the charging time; When the battery is low, the low-voltage light will flash to warn the user.

Doing so will void the warranty. Disconnect the device after the battery has been fully charged. Page Troubleshooting Problem Possible issue Solution 1. Low battery 1. Charge the device for power. Unit does not 2.Page of 27 Go.

gravitti air mouse manual

Table of Contents. Air Mouse GO Plus. Gyration compact keyboard instruction manual 19 pages. Gyrationtm ultra cordless optical mouse user manual 22 pages.

Press the release button on the bottom of the mouse and remove battery pack. Remove and discard the plastic insulator tab. Replace battery.

"remote keyboard with mouse"

Plug one end of the included USB charging cable into the desktop charger and the other end into an available USB port. Page 3 Air Mouse. Double-clicking the in-air activation Visit www. Page 4: Regulatory Information Gyration — www. Operation is subject Regulatory Information to the following two conditions: 1 This device may not cause harmful interference, and 2 this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation.

Page 5: Warranty Information For further information contact: Gyration www. We will not be responsible for any incidental or consequential damages or for any loss arising in connection with the use or inability to use this product. Low risk to eyes, no risk to skin.

Pressez le bouton au bas de la souris pour retirer la batterie. Retirez le plastique de protection. Replacez la batterie. Page 8 Visitez www. Entfernen Sie den Kunststoffisolierstreifen. Setzen Sie den Akku wieder ein. Page 13 Sie dabei ruhig.

Page 14 Gyration — www. Visita www. Mouse wordt geconfigureerd. Druk op de verbindingsknop Bezoek www. Motiontools om de laatste versie van de Motiontools te downloaden en optimaal gebruikt te kunnen maken van de mogelijkheden van uw apparatuur. Page 24 Gyration — www. Beweeg Deze apparatuur is getest en in overeenstemming bevonden met de Druk met uw wijsvinger op de In-Air Page 25 FCC-verklaring: controleren of het toegestaan is om deze apparatuur aan te sluiten op de faciliteiten van het lokale telecommunicatiebedrijf.

De apparatuur Dit apparaat voldoet aan deel 15 van de FCC-voorschriften. Page Garantie-informatie Neem voor meer informatie contact op met: Gyration www. Page 27 North America: 1 DL Comments to this Manuals Your Name:.As long as your media playback device has a USB-A port, you can use this helpful peripheral to browse menus, control playbackand even play games.

Here are our picks for the best wireless keyboards with a touchpad. The Logitech K is a multifunctional touchpad keyboard that sets the bar for what one should expect out of a wireless multimedia keyboard. While most of the keyboards we reviewed only support 2. Both its Bluetooth and 2. The keyboard itself is compact and durable, made from a thick plastic that puts their older Logitech K Plus keyboard to shame.

Its rounded keys are responsive and easy to tell apart without looking down. The keyboard has a selection of media shortcuts on the function row, allowing you to play, pause, rewind, and fast-forward on pretty much any platform. Note that these keys are function-locked to perform their media actions by default. This can be confusing if you are used to using F5 to refresh your page, for example. The opt, start, command, and alt buttons are shared and also use the function key. This touchpad can be tapped or alt-tapped to left or right-click but there are also easy-to-reach left and right-click buttons on the far left of the keyboard.

The touchpad has a directional navigation pad next to it that makes for a faster control scheme when you need to navigate a menu system. The left side of the keyboard houses additional navigation buttons like home, back, apps, and search. The K has an impressive month battery.

If all you need is a dedicated keyboard for connecting to a living room PC, then the Logitech K might actually be overkill for what you need.

However, if you need a wireless keyboard that works with both a PC and a Smart TV, then this is a great choice. The Rii i4 Mini might look concerningly generic, but Rii has proven that their remote control-sized keyboards are designed for easy use with a number of media sources.

This inexpensive device has a compact keyboard, a mini touchpad, and just enough width to tuck away its wireless dongle. This palm-sized keyboard will be tricky to type on for those with large hands, but thankfully, the latest version of this mini keyboard uses a traditional home row layout that you would find on a US keyboard.

Programming the LYNEC C2 or Gravitti Air Mouse

The keyboard is LED backlit and has basic home, menu, reload, and volume hotkeys. The trackpad performs decently, with a one-finger tap left-clicking and a two-finger tap right-clicking. The shoulder buttons can be used for faster clicking when you are typing. Its dual connectivity makes it compatible with a wide variety of platforms, making it great for use across multiple devices.

The Logitech K may not be as modern or feature-packed as the K but this slightly older touchpad keyboard offers single-device functionality with full-size keycaps that benefit power users. In most cases, the lack of Smart TV support is not a huge deal. It is only when you look to price value that the K falls flat.

Simply put, the K does more for less money. That said, both keyboards support Bluetooth and 2. This means that you can connect to Bluetooth devices like phones and tablets without the need for a USB port. Simply stow your USB dongle into its covered compartment and switch over to Bluetooth.

The K also justifies its price tag with higher quality keys. This is a considerable step up over the K These silent and sturdy keys are easy to type on, but the selection of media hotkeys is basically limited to volume controls. The 3. There is a left-click button on the left side of the keyboard, so you can still navigate while holding it in two hands.Note: If you've inserted the batteries correctly but the power light on the remote does not flash green or red when pressing the OK button, then replace the batteries with different, new ones and try again.

It's possible the remote is defective and needs to be exchanged under the warranty. If you've checked the initial steps above and the remote is still not responding, please follow these troubleshooting methods one at a time in order shown below. After attempting each method, check to see if the remote is responding on the TV by moving the air mouse or clicking on the directional arrows up, down, left, right around the OK button.

11 Best Wireless Keyboards with a Touchpad

If the remote is responding on the TV when using the air mouse or clicking on the directional arrows, but it's not aligned or moves without your control, please follow these troubleshooting methods one at a time in the order shown below.

After attempting each method, check to see if the air mouse is functioning properly, realigned, and not sporadic on the TV by moving it around. Tip: The best and easiest way to navigate around is with the directional arrows, not the air mouse. You can deactivate the air mouse by clicking on the red arrow button beneath the OK button once and you'll see the air mouse disappear on the TV screen.

If you've performed all of the troubleshooting above and your remote is still having issues, please contact us and we'll be happy to help. To ensure quality, our products are tested in U. We offer free priority shipping and fast delivery on all orders nationwide.

Our customer care team is here to help make sure you're fully satisfied. Keep up with the latest news, helpful tips, exclusive deals, new releases, giveaways and much more. Join the conversation on all things Rveal!

Try this several times alternating between USB Ports. The power light at the top of the remote should first blink red and then become solid red. Once the light turns off the pairing is complete. Make sure to keep the remote near the plugged USB Receiver the entire time.

These steps may need to be repeated more than once to successfully pair the remote with your smart TV device. The power light at the top of the remote should first start blinking red after a few seconds and then turn solid red after releasing.

Once the solid red power light turns off, the realigning is complete. These steps may need to be repeated more than once to successfully realign the air mouse with your smart TV device.It's simple. These emails could include amazing deals, flyers, contests, coupons, promotions, information and more! Discounted shipping may be available on large orders - please contact us for specific requests.

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