You'll get emailed updates for this mod. Recently Updated Mods. For 1. Utility Weight. Want to create an rocket family and need some standard masses as payloads? There is a part, that use Variants for switching masses. Rational Resources. Strips out random resource distributions and places resources according to expected planetary classification. Adds and augments a few parts and ISRU chains. Promotes hydrolox and methalox rocketry mods. CommNet Antennas Info. Parts Mod 0. Kerbonov Kn-2 Cockpit Module.

The Kerbonov Kn-2 module is a compact 3 Kerbal cockpit for use with intermediate sized aircraft. It includes an IVA view. CST Starliner. Added six large battery. Smart Parts Pack. Calculate resonant orbits to place regularly spaced communication and GPS satellites regularly spaced.

Kerbal Tubes. A small parts pack that adds stock-alike, hollow structural parts to the game, designed to be EVA'd through or for storing things. Kerbal Planetary Base Systems. It also supports the major life support mods.

Alternate Resource Panel Redisplayed. An alternate view of vessel resources plugin. Realistic mining chains for mod fuels.

The best Kerbal Space Program mods

Electrolysis, Sabatier and more. Asparagus staging is awesome, but tedious. So, I built a plugin to do it for me! Olympic1's ARP Icons. Add icons to popular mods! Wanhu Totem. A derived stockalike airbrake coated with ablator.Or maybe you just want a different look and feel. Additional textures, lighting presets, perhaps even model replacements are amongst the sought after additions.

Included here is a selection of KSP visual mods with instructions that are hopefully explicit enough for anyone to use. KSP can be beautiful just in vanilla — any space nerd is tickled by Jool rising over Laythe — but you can really up the ante with just a handful of mods from the community. Check out some of my tips to make this process a bit smoother.

This includes my recommendation to install these mods manually rather than by using CKAN. These installation instructions have been tested on 1. There might be additional problems running any other version, especially those before 1. Enter your email below. Privacy and data-use information can be found on this page. Sign me up! Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly.

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It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Toggle navigation. Stellaris Dev Diaries. This is doubly true if you already have a stable set of mods!

Install the mods one at a time. Launch your game after installing each one to make sure it still works. Pages: 1 2 3. Published December 4, December 11, Categories Guide Modding. Subscribe Follow Odin, and conquer the world! Search Odin Gaming. What happened?Author: blackrack Forum link Download link PayPal donation link. Below is just one sample shot — check out the album here.

EVE is a mod that provides a framework for using texture packs and also provides its own texture pack. These notably add city lights to Kerbin, and cloud and other atmospheric effects to bodies in the rest of the Kerbol system.

Kerbin is shown below this also incorporates Scatterer effects at the terminus, which appears slightly red. Author: Thomas P. Forum link Download link PayPal donation link. See before and after comparison here. One example below:. Kopernicus is a framework allowing for modification of stock planets and moons and addition of new ones. If you experience visual problems — including but not necessarily limited to a black screen with only the user interface present — after applying the Custom ReShade, totally remove the SVT folder in GameData, download it again, and move back to GameData.

Kopernicus contains more than a single folder. Your directory structure will be something like this:. Download and drop in GameData. When you unzip the DistantObject.

Your GameData folder will look similar to the below. In KSP, this means that light reflected from Kerbin is slightly blue, from Duna slightly red, and from Jool slightly green. See an example of the latter below. Before and after shots can be seen hereand examples of coloured reflection can be seen here.

ksp visual mods

The colours are identical to those used by Distant Object Enhancement as in, the modders collaborated. You can remove the incompatibility warning on start-up by deleting the PlanetShine.

Enter your email below. Privacy and data-use information can be found on this page. Sign me up! Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. These cookies do not store any personal information.By DiscrafTskMarch 21, in Tutorials. First of all you have to open up KSP installation directory. To do it open up steam, right click to kerbal space program, properties, local file and browse local files.

I highly recommending you to make clean ksp installation just for this purpose. And all downloaded mods you will be putting into GameData folder. So if you have it downloaded you will now need something which can work with archives, for example WinRAR or 7-Zip.


So open up that downloaded scatter file and copy inside of a folder gamedata into KSP gamedata directory. So download the base mod also with textures. From SVE textures you can choose between high, medium and low resolution textures but I will use high resolution. There are config files already in scatterer so if you will download and use both you will end up with overlaying textures and very bad performance.

It may fix the clouds in some cases. You can download it from dropbox also link will be in the video description. If you want to use different skybox you can but you need.

From what I know texture replacer will not work with for example. There is also another skybox mod available but as I said it was not working for me, but you can give it a shot. To download it you can choose from a lot of different colors. And then just extract it into gamedata directory as every other mod. Again download it and then extract everything to gamedata directory. But the new KSP 1. So it is optional if you want to use it.

But to install it download the latest real plume and smoke screen. Installation is again the same. Extract JSI folder to gamedata directory. So download it and now pay attention because from my old videos I know that this mod was causing a lot of problems because it was not installed properly.

And now you should be done with the installation. Now I like to launch KSP from launcher only for the first time to set graphic preset to maximum and then you must use 64bit ksp launcher called KSP x64 located in the installation folder or you can just use steam and select 64bit version during the launch.Without mods, Kerbal Space Program is already an amazing accomplishment—a deep, rewarding sim that captures the majesty and challenge of going to space.

Kerbal Space Program sticks around because it is everything that makes PC gaming great: freedom, creativity, flexibility, and mods.

Naturally, mods make it better. The best mods for Kerbal Space Program add new ships, new parts, and small touches to keep Kerbal fun and fresh after a hundred hours of rocket science. Out of all of the fine work available, these are our favorite mods for Kerbal Space Program.

Get it: Kerbal Space Program forums. CKAN is an open-source, community-supported mod manager. To add a mod using CKAN, just start typing the name.

ksp visual mods

Some of my favorite mods are the most useless. Check out these mods if you want a more beautiful, immersive game.

KSP Visual Mods – Step-by-Step Installation Guide – v1.4.5

Get it: Forums. In space, no one can hear you scream unless you hold down the push-to-talk button. Chatterer took real-life audio from the Apollo 11 missions, scrambled it up a bit, and chopped it into audio files that play in the background of your missions. Combined with some well-placed Quindar tonesthis mod gives the impression of a bustling, chaotic mission control center buzzing with messages and cross-talk.

Floating weightless in the black of space feels more real with mission control talking in your ear. The Apollo missions happened before we discovered the joy of strapping a GoPro to everything, but Kerbals are much more advanced.

The Hullcam VDS mod adds a variety of attachable cameras so you can watch your missions from the side of a rocket or from inside an engine housing. Launching with a down-facing hull camera lends flights a certain SpaceX kind of feel. The mod also adds a Hubble-style space telescope you can use to creep on distant planets.

You spend a lot of time in KSP watching engines burn, after all, so why not make it look great? OK, this one is really useless. Even for this list. Still, I love PlanetShine because it exemplifies the obsessive attention to detail great modding communities thrive on.

The mod plays well with Environmental Visual Enhancementswhich adds nighttime city lights and cloud effects. I love blueprints. Kronal Vessel Viewer adds a view window in the VAB for you to tinker with two-dimensional sketches of your huge Kerbal ships. Kerbal Space Program is a hard, hard game because physics is impossible and the universe wants to squish your frail, pathetic spirit. Previous satellite mods focused on scanning and locating resources for pre Now that resources and refineries are part of the vanilla game, SCANsat is the best precisely because it focuses on what satellites do best: exploration.

Even the smallest bodies in the Kerbol system are enormous, so this mod is a great way of approaching that challenge. Entropy is now an official part of Dang It!You'll get emailed updates for this mod. Popular Mods. For 1. Interstellar Fuel Switch. Atmospheric scattering shaders. Near Future Solar. New and varied solar panel options for your craft. Near Future Propulsion.

Ion and plasma engines with two new fuels! Near Future Electrical. Nuclear reactors and power systems. Community Tech Tree. The Community Tech Tree is a mod designed to extend the stock technology tree to accommodate many community mods in an inclusive and extensible manner.

This takes the form of expansions to the current tech tree.

ksp visual mods

It provides new and extended branches for command pods, thermal management, ion engines, nuclear power and propulsion, and many more useful nodes. Near Future Spacecraft. Stylish spacecraft parts in a stockalike style. Near Future Construction. Trusses and other structural parts for constructing exciting bases and ships. DMagic Orbital Science. New science parts and experiments. KSP Interstellar Extended. Note: requires CTT 3. Kerbal Planetary Base Systems. It also supports the major life support mods.

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ksp visual mods

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